Monday, January 5, 2009

IKEA Has Balls

With the economy in the crapper bargain bites are starting to become societies life blood. Fast food chains are citing an increase in sales, the 99.99 Cent Store is seeing brand new shoppers from all walks of life, and more and more people are even (gasp!) cooking at home. Meanwhile restaurants that are known for carrying a heftier price tag are reducing those $15 pizzas a few dollars just to stay afloat. Score for us! Reflecting today after all of last month's Christmas gift spending I was certainly out to get the most bang for my buck lunch. I wanted something exotic, something that would warm my chilled bones, and of course something tasty. Hmmmm... where oh where could I get such a meal? I've got it. IKEA!

The Swedish furniture store offering bargain priced furniture with little innovative quirks and designs is also known for their marketplace stocked with Swedish specialty items and their ridiculously cheap cafe food. You can find American standards like hot dogs and macaroni and cheese, even a pretty decent breakfast for under a buck, but the real star for those not in the know is the Swedish meatballs.

IKEA - Carson, CA

For $5 you get 15 tasty balls smothered in a slightly heavy gravy, an ice cream scoop serving of standard potatoes covered in the same, and a helping of sweet lingonberry sauce. This is glorified Swedish comfort food that'll please any greedy palate looking for a meal light on the wallet.

True it's not pretty or perfect and can do with a bit more spicing in the meatballs, but once you play mad scientist mixing potatoes with a meatball, lingonberry with meatball, or even all three who really cares it still tastes delicious.


20700 Avalon Blvd 
Carson, CA 90746
(Various Locations)