Monday, June 11, 2007

The Swedes Make a Mean Pancake

Solvang is somewhat lacking in a wide array of places to eat breakfast. But what they lack in quantity they certainly make up for with quality at "Paula’s Pancake House." Seeing a crowd forming outside their front doors in the early morning hours is nothing unusual. The people come for their three page breakfast menu, where you can contemplate having the popular Danish pancake, traditional buttermilk, or even the equally appealing and tasty omelets and sausage.

I ordered the Danish pancakes with strawberries, which costs slightly more then having it plain with butter and whip cream. But to me adding fruit to pancakes is a must, especially when you get to choose between blueberries (which my girlfriend ordered) or cinnamon spiced apples. I should mention that if you do get the fruit option it will come sans pads of butter and whip cream, which for health conscious people like me is perfectly fine.

It took only minutes for two super sized and thin pancakes to be set before me. They consumed the entire plate, were powdered with sugar, had a mound of beautiful strawberries, and sitting on top was a small decanter of golden maple syrup.

Forking a piece of strawberry, a slice of pancake, and only a dab of syrup, they tasted great. It’s hard for me to distinguish between pancakes, saying one I’ve had is better then another. But if I did have a list this would certainly rank high. Warm, sweet, and moist, this was certainly an above average satisfying pancake. I even liked it more when I used some of my girlfriend’s blueberries which tasted incredibly sweet and fresh.

I would go back to Paula’s if I was in Solvang during breakfast hours. Heck I might even stop by for lunch when they’re still serving breakfast. It may be touristy and have a long wait, but this is one place where the tourists are actually right. This place is certainly worth the wait.
Paula's Pancake House
1531 Mission Dr.
Solvang, CA 93463
(805) 688-2867

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