Saturday, April 19, 2008

Real Life Flappy Jack's!

When I think of “Flappy Jack’s Pancake House” in Glendora, I think of a Family Guy episode where Stewie becomes crack-like addicted to the pancakes at a restaurant with the same exact name. With that in my head I wishfully hoped this version would look exactly the same. A diner worked by middle aged blue haired waitresses bustling back and forth, and standing behind the counter at the grill flipping pancakes old Flappy himself.

Unfortunately the restaurant in the fictional town of Quahog is nothing like the real life version in Glendora. But architecture and employees not withstanding, I was here for the food and not the atmosphere.

Entering sometime just before 9 in the morning this place was surprisingly bustling. It reminded me of a nicer Coco’s that pushed their Route 66 location in wall knick-knacks and murals of 1950’s movie and TV stars. We were seated quickly by a smiling hostess, but when I went outside for a brief moment to take a picture of the front I already saw people waiting to be seated.

The menu is extensive, covering just about anything you can think of. I was very tempted by the skillets, but after seeing that everything came in larger portions I moved towards the omelets. I needed to have room for a “Donut Man” donut from down the road. I asked for a rec from the waitress who suggested “Flappy's Favorite Omelette,” apparently their most popular. My girlfriend settled on their “Mediterranean” version. One thing I really liked was your choice between toast or two pancakes. Not really a tough decision. The omelets also come with their home style potatoes which I ordered well done, Jenn made a fruit substitution. Before you could say “Flappy” the food was on the table and my lord did it look great.

Described in the menu mine include ham, bacon, sausage, bell peppers, onions with monterey jack and cheddar cheese. Cutting into the omelet I was surprised at the amount of ingredients and the thickness. Flappy certainly doesn’t skimp. There was a layer of cheese on top and within, and I could see everything that was in the description. In all honesty this may have been one of the better omelets I’ve ever had. It was cooked perfectly and the taste was wonderfully semi-soft and not overly chewy. If there was any fault to be had it was the bacon. The cheese was strong tasting and abundant, and while I could certainly taste the ham and the sausage, the bacon was drowned out. I’d recommend forgoing the bacon and sticking to either ham or sausage to keep out meat competition. As for the hashbrowns they were as I asked, crispy top and great. Did the pancakes deserve a restaurant spotlight? They certainly did, very light and airy with a nice texture. These are something I’d think about getting just a stack of in the future.

Jenn’s egg creation included chopped spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and imported feta cheese. Sampling hers I was actually taken aback to the creaminess that the feta provided. Hers tasted just as fresh and great as mine, and even seemed lighter if you’re so in the mood to not feel weighed down after breakfast.

The food at “Flappy Jack’s Pancake House” has won me over and I hope that I’ll have the opportunity to return here in the future. I just wish it wasn’t so far away, otherwise I’d be here all the time. Perhaps that’s a good thing, I don’t want to turn into an addict like Stewie did.

Flappy Jack's
640 West Route
, CA 91740

(626) 852-9444

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Jim said...

I've always wanted to try this place. Looks like I'm gonna try it sooner than later after reading this.