Friday, May 4, 2007

Quiche Anyone?

I’m not one to eat very unhealthy. But when the infrequent special occasion roles around, or if I really need some comfort food, I’ll let the health conscious side of me take a break. Yesterday was my girlfriend’s birthday so I chose two places I’d heard were great that had food I knew she’d love.One of these was "Amandine Patisserie," a Japanese owned French bakery in Los Angeles. Our mission was the quiche, which I’d heard through chowhound and yelp was one of the places to go if you were in the market for a good incarnation of the alternative pie.

Walking in the place was bustling, and since the location was a bit on the small side it did make it difficult to look at the menu board without disrupting the flow of traffic through the restaurant. Looking around I wandered to the far end past the register, where a mountain of drool worthy baked goods were calling my name. But I was there for the quiche and only the quiche so I tried to pretend they didn’t exist by pushing them from my mind. The large menu board behind the counter listed a great selection of omelettes, and on the smaller specials board were listed the special quiches for the day.

Since there were only two I ordered a slice both which were $4.25 a slice, and in a moment of weakness I found myself saying, “and a croissant.” So for $2.00 more I did end up with a baked good in the end.

Finding a table was tricky, taking three trips back and forth across the restaurant, but finally we snagged a table and settled ourselves just in time for the food to be placed before us.

The croissant looked and tasted great. It was soft and fluffy with a melt in your mouth buttery taste. I was glad that I ordered this even if it wasn’t quiche.

Pushing that aside I dug into the "Turkey, Spinach, and Cauliflower Quiche." Cauliflower seemed odd to me, but the trio of main ingredients worked great together. It was nice and creamy with a good flaky crust. My only qualm would be I wish they used more turkey. It was layered on the bottom in what looked like a big slice. Perhaps if they used chopped up turkey instead there would have been a much better distribution. Problem aside it was still a solidly good slice of quiche.

Next up was the "Bell Pepper, Zucchini, and Mushroom Quiche." I love mushrooms, I don’t love zucchini. I’ve always found it to be a rather bland vegetable that only becomes edible when it’s soaked in butter or grilled. In this quiche the zucchini didn’t go far to add much flavor for me, but I loved the bell pepper and mushrooms. In fact combined with the cheesy egg quiche I adored it.

I’d be hard pressed to decide which one of the two I liked more as both had qualities I liked. They both were good and came very close to greatness, so I’d say they were equally satisfying. If I had the option to make my own I’d combine the turkey, mushrooms, and bell peppers. Now that sounds like a great quiche.

I had a great time in "Amandine Patisserie," and if I find myself in the mood one day or if I’m in the area, I would make a return visit for a different quiche and more certainly another baked good.
Amandine Patisserie
12225 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 979-3211

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